Thursday, March 7, 2013

There is school in PPSD on March 15!

If you're like me and diligently added dates when kids don't have school into your calendar way back in the fall, you may also be like me and wondering whether they do indeed have school next Friday, March 15, which was scheduled as a professional development day (or as one of my kids said this afternoon, a professidelement day). Anyway, due to the need to make up snow days, it's not such a day.

In other words, there is school on March 15. Here's the updated Providence Public Schools calendar: in case you need more info.

As to my blogging sporadicalness (sporadicness? sporadicicity? infrequency? slacking?)  well, consider it a choice. Maybe not the best choice I could be making but it represents the best I can do right now! More soon, I hope.

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