Friday, February 10, 2012

Providence Schools Superintendent Search Advisory Group Community Forum - 2/15/12, 6pm, PCTA

The Providence Schools Superintendent Search Advisory Group, which is conducting the work of identifying a permanent superintendent for the Providence Public Schools, is holding a Community Forum on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 from 6:00-8:00PM at the Providence Career & Technical Academy, 41 Fricker Street.

As well, the search group has created survey, online here and via that allows you to share input through March 3. Information on says that the survey results will be posted after March 12.

I have to say that I remain skeptical about the extent to which community input will be valued and at the same time totally committed to asking you to participate. My skepticism comes from my belief that the process isn't set up to be swayed or deeply informed by community input, so the survey and the forum may simply serve as release valves. I'd love to be wrong. Prove me wrong! I'm not being cynical. At least I hope I am not. 

I do think it's essential to share your views about whom you want to lead our city's schools and the direction you think that person should take. So weigh in. If you believe as I do that the current acting superintendent, Sue Lusi, should continue, use the comment sections at the end to indicate that, and use the rest of the form to try to indicate what you value and think is important. 

I hope that the forum on the 15th is conducted so that there's some public airing of the public's questions and views. I think there's value to small group discussions, as happened at the community conversation on education that I and 50 or so others attended on January 28, but there's a corresponding lack of accountability. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with others concerned about education in Providence, but that doesn't serve the same purpose as asking hard questions of leaders and being part of a group that hears those leaders respond. That's valuable too, and I hope it's part of the upcoming forum.

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