Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2011 NECAP results + bill to bar high stakes tests from determining graduation

Last Friday, RIDE released the 2011 NECAP results, available in full here: https://reporting.measuredprogress.org/NECAPpublicRI/select.aspx.

I am grateful to Tom Hoffman for taking the time to share his thoughts on some of the results. I recommend you take a look, particularly for his analysis of the ways that the population shifting that 2011's school closures in Providence produced may have affected some schools' NECAP outcomes.

In other standardized testing news, available here, the Urban League of RI, Mental Health Association of RI, RI Disability Law Center, Parent Support Network of RI, Young Voices, RI ACLU, RI Legal Services, RI Teachers of English Language Learners, Children's Policy Coalition, LEP/ELL Advisory Council, Autism Project of RI, and Tides Family Services have gotten behind proposed legislation from RI Representative Eileen Naughton and RI Senator Harold Metts that would prevent the use of statewide standardized tests as a barrier to graduation. Currently, high stakes standardized tests such as the NECAP are slated to be part of the criteria for graduation beginning in 2014. 

Add me to the list of supporters - plenty of reasons why, many eloquently captured in "Future of Rhode Island Students," a video clip that made the rounds last year and is worth reconsideration. Check it out:

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