Thursday, August 25, 2011

Providence Public Schools first day: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 (but will be we UNDERWATER and BLOWN AWAY???)

Leo making the academic magic happen on the first day of school.
Sometimes I peek at the stats to find out what brought people to this blog. #1 on the search terms for the past few days: variations on "first day of school Providence."

The first day of school for the Providence Public Schools is Tuesday, August 30. You can go to the Providence Public Schools website at and download a 2011-2012 school year calendar, a PDF in English and Spanish versions.

We're shifting into back to school mode this weekend: shopping for new sneakers, getting haircuts, washing backpacks, getting those last pages of summer reading done, procuring school supplies. I'm in an "all systems go" mindset, though my kids are starting to suggest that Hurricane Irene's impending arrival will cancel the first day of school. This is, apparently, a topic of wild speculation among the elementary and middle school set as they face down the first day of school from the feral camaraderie of the last week of summer camp. "But mom, EVERYONE says that there will be no school on Tuesday because we will be UNDERWATER and the schools are all going to BLOW AWAY!!!" Okay, kids.

As previously noted, PPSD has brought in extra logistical and planning support to ensure the easiest possible first day for all, an idea that seems especially fortuitous now that the first day of school may indeed coincide with the aftermath of Irene which is getting many in addition to my kids and their goofy friends all wound up--or, rather, keeping us all wound up after this week's seismic shakeup. The earthquake that rattled many schools in and around Virginia and Colorado on their first day of the new academic year triggered thousands of communities in the mid-Atlantic states up through New England to inspect buildings and review disaster planning, so perhaps this can been seem as lucky timing.

Here's hoping that despite the shakes and storms that nature is throwing at us, Providence and other communities are prepared and ready, with a focus on safety for everyone.

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  1. I've seen first hand how our Providence administrators, principals, teachers, assistants, secretaries, clerks,custodians, and numerous staff have been working most of the summer to prepare for a great new school year! Many hot, sunny days I was unable to find a parking spot at professional development locations around the city and state or at Vartan Gregorian School at Fox Point where staff has been preparing for our children and families all summer long. Every beginning of a new school year reminds me of hope and possibilities. As we all experience tremendous change and personal sacrifice, let's commit to truly supporting each other and focusing our positive energies and efforts by honoring the children and people in our schools who are dedicated and ready for the important work ahead!
    Have a great "Back to School"!
    Mrs. Maureen Kenner
    Special Education Teacher
    Vartan Gregorian School at Fox Point
    Mr. Jacob Kenner
    Performing Arts Teacher
    Nathan Bishop Middle School