Friday, August 12, 2011

PPSD's first day of school: time for PPPPPPP

The association between "first day of school" and "emergency" is unsettling. That said, help is good. A calm, well run first day of school (and all subsequent days) is great. Coordinating Marine logistics in Iraq might well be adequate preparation for May Col. Pete Gaynor to help ensure that teachers and students--along with their buses, cafeteria tables, books, and everything else--are in the places that they're supposed to be.

"Providence schools to get help from emergency manager," from yesterday's ProJo news blog:
PROVIDENCE -- Providence Emergency Management Agency Director Col. Pete Gaynor will assist the School Department with the opening of school Aug. 30.

Gaynor will maintain his position at PEMA while he takes on this temporary role. He will not receive any additional compensation for his service.

To provide expert logistical support, especially to schools and students most affected by the closure of five schools this year, Interim Supt. Susan Lusi is drawing upon Gaynor's nationally recognized logistics skills.

Gaynor is working with Lusi and other school leaders to make sure supplies and supports are in place to help students, parents, teachers and administrators start the year off on the right foot.

"Colonel Gaynor is a tremendous asset to the City of Providence," said Mayor Angel Taveras. "His unique expertise in coordinating large-scale operations and training in logistics management will provide PPSD with an extra layer of support in making sure that the first day of school in Providence goes off as smoothly as possible. Students, parents and teachers deserve nothing less."

"I greatly appreciate Col. Gaynor's willingness to share his skills and abilities with us," said Lusi. "The last few months have been a challenge for everyone at the department and having this extra layer of support will ensure efficient operations and a smooth opening for all of our schools. This is priority number one for our team."

Gaynor, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, has participated in military operations in numerous theaters, including Iraq, where he was responsible for daily operations with I Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) in the Al Anbar Province.

Gaynor began meeting with School Department administrators this week and expects to continue working closely with the team through the beginning of September.


*PPPPPPP:  proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance

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