Friday, April 8, 2011

Reservoir Avenue Elementary School Science Teacher Wins Amgen Award

Dawn Clifton, a parent at Reservoir Avenue Elementary School, shared that Reservoir teacher Joanne Kearns has won a 2011 Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence. The award provides Mrs. Kearns with $10,000 and an additional $10,000 for the school. Many congratulations to Mrs. Kearns for her accomplishments.

In her email, Dawn added:
I think we can all name a teacher in our children's schools who, like Mrs. Kearns, manages to make great strides for our kids despite all kinds of challenges. I would really like for us to spread the word about these types of accomplishments rather than the incredibly negative slant PPSD has been receiving in the press and community. Wouldn't it be great if every school in our district felt compelled to submit at least one teacher for these types of awards? Reservoir students thrive under the challenges that teachers like Mrs. Kearns present to them. Let's celebrate these accomplishments.
To which I can only say: right on! Thanks, Dawn, and thanks to Mrs. Kearns for a job exceptionally well done.


  1. Actually, it's 5K + 5K, not 10K + 10K...