Monday, December 13, 2010

PPSD Elementary School Registration Calendar for 2011

Providence Public Schools has released the elementary school registration calendar for students planning to enter the system in 2011. Here it is, below--click to get a bigger version, or click here to download the PDF from PPSD's website (the PDF also includes a Spanish version).

PPSD's registration page has links to school choice and student policies, the documents you need to register your child, and much more. There's contact info there for your questions; I'll repeat the advice I offered on Friday to families in the midst of middle school registration:
Note to those who call: have this page handy on your web browser in case you get the automated voice mail that asks you to dial an extension. My experience is that it takes quite a while to get an actual live human on the line. Keep trying. Try them all if the person you think you want isn't reachable. Don't give up!
And here's a link to a guide to registering your child in the Providence Public Schools that PPSD parent Kira Greene and I wrote last year for Kidoinfo. It holds up well as a good overview of the process.

As the weeks go on, I'll be posting much more about elementary school registration, both out of the desire to be helpful and because I am enrolling my youngest son in kindergarten next year. I'd love to hear in the comments from other families with incoming kindergartners. What schools are you looking at? Where have you visited (related to that: see the next post for a calendar of tours/info sessions at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School. If the school you're involved with has tours scheduled, let me know so I can share the info!) How's your research/information gathering going? What questions or concerns do you have? Let's talk!

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