Friday, December 10, 2010

Providence Public Schools Middle School Open Houses/Registration

File under better late than never! Here's the basic information about PPSD Middle School Open Houses and registration for next year's 6th graders (and 7th graders coming from any elementary schools that still have 6th grade). In order to choose a middle school, families must complete and return a middle school choice form, which--for students already in a district school--was sent home just after Thanksgiving break. It's due back to your child's school by 12/20. Click here for a link to PPSD's school choice/student assignment policy.

Open Houses already have or will soon take place at all PPSD middle schools, as follows (I've included the dates that already happened this week for your info; if you want to see these schools, give them a call and see if it's possible to visit):

Monday, December 6
Gilbert Stuart Middle School
188 Princeton Avenue
456-9340 or 456-9341

Tuesday, December 7
Roger Williams Middle School
278 Thurbers Avenue
456-9355 or 456-9357

Wednesday, December 8
Nathan Bishop Middle School
101 Sessions Street
Thursday, December 9
Esek Hopkins Middle School
480 Charles Street
456-9203 or 456-9459

Tuesday, December 14
DelSesto Middle School
152 Springfield Street
278-0557 or 278-0558

Wednesday, December 15
Samuel W. Bridgham Middle School
1655 Westminster Street
456-9360 or 456-9361

Thursday, December 16
Nathanael Greene Middle School
721 Chalkstone Avenue
456-9347 or 456-9348

For more information, you can visit or call the Student Registration Center at 456-9297. Note to those who call: have this page handy on your web browser in case you get the automated voice mail that asks you to dial an extension. My experience is that it takes quite a while to get an actual live human on the line. Keep trying. Try them all if the person you think you want isn't reachable. Don't give up. Good luck. And here's hoping that next year, it's easier for families to make a simple phone call to get basic information about school registration and assignment.


  1. what about middle school options in Charter schools?

  2. Great question. If you - or anyone else - has ideas or suggestions, please share. It's on my list to explore this very question and would love a discussion about it. Totally worth a post of its own.