Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I (heart) Sandra Tsing Loh

I have been following Sandra Tsing Loh's work as an active public school parents in LA for a while, in blogs and in The Atlantic, and am delighted that she's captured her thoughts in Mother on Fire which I have ordered from Amazon and cannot wait to read because I need some solidarity, and I need it now. Loh makes the craziness of cutting through the fog of information, disinformation, rumor, speculation, and worry that comes with figuring out where to send your kids to school hilarious and totally real to those of in the middle of it.

Most of all, she is a tremendous advocate for public schools, and God knows we need as many as we can get. And she's a great model for how to let go of your angst and find what's best for your kid--what YOU think is best for your kid, not what you think you should do, even if it's what everyone else you know is doing.

Read "Who Will Save Public Schools?" in today's edition of Salon for some of what she's about. Love her. Love that she brings her superwit to this subject that is nearest and dearest to me. Hope others are reading her and getting the message.

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