Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School!

Our family went on vacation last week, which was great, and spent yesterday reacclimating and getting ready for . . . the first day of school! Oh, I do love the first day of school. I think my kids do; I know I do!

This year is particularly exciting because it's Leo's first day of kindergarten. We missed MLK's kindergarten orientation last week, so he and I dropped by school to distribute homework folders to the teachers, and then visited Ms. Abrames' classroom for a few minutes (thank you, Ms. Abrames, for your graciousness during our surprise visit during your prep time!). Leo was impressed to see his name already on a class list posted for all of the kids to see, and was also very interested in all of the books in the room, and the activity centers. And what really got his attention was the tennis balls covering the feet of every chair. So interesting to a sporty five year old! I think he's thrilled that he'll have so many tennis balls in his classroom.

We also had our annual back-to-school lunch. Each year since Elias started kindergarten, I have taken him to lunch the day before the first day of school. Sometimes it is just the two of us; other times, friends have joined us. This year, Kevin made it as he wasn't back at work yet, and Leo joined us too! As did our friend Harry, going in to 4th grade at King. We talked about school memories and how our summers were and had a fine time.

And today it starts. The PTO at King is hosting a back to school coffee hour so I need to be ready for that before school starts today, as I want to spend a little time with Leo in his classroom. And I'm excited to meet, or catch up with, new families and familiar friends. The boys' clothes are ready (they don't seem to care what they wear for the first day of school, but I do!) and backpacks are waiting for them. Just need to make some lunches, get breakfast into them, and we will be off! 

Best wishes to everyone who is starting school or is parent, family member, or friend to a person who is off to school. I hope that a great year awaits you, and if anyone reading this wants to comment on how it went, please do!

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  1. Ms. Abrames! shes was my kindergarden teacher when I attended MLK. Wow I cannot believe she is still teaching. I've always wanted to go back but Im not sure if the teachers will remember me.