Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Education, No Life - Zombie March against the NECAP('s use in high school graduation), 2/13 @ 4pm

I am delighted to be associated, however tangentially, with the Providence Student Union (am on their advisory board) and to share info about their Zombie March tomorrow, as follows:
Rhode Island's NECAP graduation requirement is taking away students' futures and chances at a good life. And our obsession with standardized testing is turning us into brainless zombies! 
So grab your fake blood and ripped pants and join the Providence Student Union on Wednesday, Feb. 13th to show the Department of Education what this policy will do to us. Meet at 4pm at Burnside Park (by Kennedy Plaza), and we will zombie-walk to RIDE by 4:30. It's ZOMBIE TIME!
To clarify, in case it's necessary, PSU is organizing to protest the use of the high-stakes standardized NECAP test as a factor for graduation for Rhode Island high school students - this is slated to start for the class of 2014. Bad idea - misuse of the NECAP and unfair way to measure meaningful learning and achievement. Hit me up here tomorrow for more about why the using NECAPs as a way to determine readiness for high school graduation is a deeply flawed prospect for our young people.

Full details and discussion on the Zombie March are here on Facebook. Spread the word and join if you can. You'll be in good company (Diane Ravitch!) and if you are able to attend tomorrow, that is great. Join the zombie ranks so students in the future don't have to.

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