Thursday, August 23, 2012

National attention for PASA's Summer Scholars program

I wish I had more than my scanty free time to learn about education in Providence and if I did, I would have spent time getting to know more about Providence After School Alliance's Summer Scholars program, which is bringing experiential learning into summer studies for middle school students and capturing national attention. See PBS's video and audio coverage here.

PASA's summer program is in its second year; I haven't had direct experience with it in any way, though I wish I did as it sounds like the kind of approach we should be taking in order to use engagement to accelerate learning not only in the summer but also year-round. Getting young people out of the classroom so that they can use their minds well and experience what their communities have to offer is critical, and not always available to all kids. 

ProJo also wrote about the Summer Scholars program in July in an article that rounded up a few different summer learning approaches around the state. It's here.

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