Friday, August 3, 2012

At BlogHer, looking for other school-family-education bloggers

I am not sure if "school-family-education" adequately captures what this blog is about, I'll have time to work on describing my blog as I meet thousands of other bloggers who are here in NYC for BlogHer. I'm posting this on the off chance I miss anyone (and with 2,000 people here, there's a slight possibility that I may not be able to have a meaningful conversation with everyone), because I want to get the word out that I am looking for other bloggers who are writing in the the terrain that Providence Schools and Beyond occupies, the place where parents/family members and students are writing about the schools their kids attend and about the learning experiences their families are having both in and out of school.

So I'm waving this post as a big flag for other BlogHer participants, or any other education bloggers. Let's start to make a list of ourselves. I want to read about other families experiences with schools and school systems for sources of inspiration, alternate perspectives, and different experiences. If we come together and compare notes, we may be able to have a better sense of the ways blogging out school experiences from the parent/family perspective might be having on our kids' education, learning, and growth, and on the ways we may or may not be serving as advocates for all young people, their teachers, and schools themselves.

I am here with Kristen McClusky, writer of Motherload - just go read it, so funny and smart, and if you need another reason, she's from and currently spending time in Rhode Island. Wait, no, she's currently here in New York with me. Okay, where Kristen is at this actual moment is perhaps not mission critical. I mention Kristen so that I can go ahead and use the third person plural and say "we" without sounding overly regal.

We met a good fraction of the BlogHer 2,000 last night, madly exchanging cards and stories, so if any of you are among the readers of this, hi! And I know that today will yield more connections to other snappy, wise writers who are smart about life online and off and to bloggers in the "school-family-education" category (let's work on a better name for that!).

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