Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More information about RIDE's school classifications: PPSD PowerPoint

As I work on a long post and East Side Monthly column about the significance and lack thereof of RIDE's new school classification system, I want to share this PowerPoint created by PPSD and shared by Superintendent Sue Lusi in various venues, including last week's Providence City Council meeting that Zach Mezera wrote about here.

Councilman Sam Zurier posted the PowerPoint in PDF form (click here to download). If you have any interest in this issue, it's well worth a look for its more specific focus on Providence than the material that RIDE has provided thus far as well as the detail about timelines and next steps. Thanks to Councilman Zurier for sharing.

At the risk of being a nudge, I'll point out that this belongs on the Providence Public Schools website as well, along with more info that provides guidance and context about this whole deal. I've mentioned this to folks at PPSD and assume it's in the works...so let's see it. Thanks.

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