Monday, July 2, 2012

Hope High School Alumni Association Weekend, July 13-15

Next weekend, July 13-15, the Hope High School Alumni Association is hosting an all-classes alumni weekend - info available online here.

I'm sharing this to help get the word out to all Hope alums, The weekend is both for alums to get together and to raise money for the Hope Alumni Association's Reach for the Stars scholarship, awarded to current Hope grads who will be attending college and who " show commitment to education, citizenship and community."

Count me as a Hope High School Alumni Association cheerleader and supporter. You may want to lend your financial or other forms of support too, if you can, to bolster the efforts of alumni through the decades dedicated to making sure that Hope High School continues to be a place where students can thrive. Click here to donate or buy Hope High School gear. And stay tuned for more on the Hope High School Alumni Association - I'm writing about their efforts for August's East Side Monthly which should be out later this month.

Have a blast at the Blue Wave Alumni Weekend, everyone!

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