Tuesday, June 19, 2012

back for summer vacation...almost

At least I provided some fair warning that I'd be gone. I didn't expect to be a month's worth of gone, but attention had to be paid to work, the end of the school year (which was last Thursday, June 14), and baseball x 3.

As these things happen, now that school is over, I have more time to think and write about it. So here we re-begin. But first, a vacation day with the kids at
The one in MA, not the one in RI.
It's not going to be hot enough but one must seize one's fun while one may. We think it's a good day for fun seizing precisely because (not going to be superhot) + (some school districts are still in session) = no lines.

So, tomorrow, after a dozen trips down the water slide clear my head, back to thinking about schools.

Happy summer, everyone!

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