Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blended Learning Conference, May 19

If you're interested in knowing more about how blended learning works, there's a conference coming up on Saturday, May 19, unsurprisingly titled the Blended Learning Conference, that will meet that need. Visit http://blendedlearningconference.com for more info and links to register. Early bird registration, through 5/11, is $40 - price goes up to $60 after that. I think it's at the Highlander Charter School in Providence, which is associated with the Highlander Institute, the sponsor of the blended learning conference. This much I have figured out to share this info. If any readers have more insight into the connections between the two, please share.

I know nothing about it, not necessarily endorsing it, but am sharing for those who might be interested. If you want to know more about blended technology in classrooms, you can read this March 2012 piece that I wrote for East Side Monthly that digs a bit into the possibilities for technology integration in classrooms.

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