Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Learning Community in the NY Times + PPSD kindergarten registration

Happy new year! Like most of you, I was away holidaying and vacationing, all very lovely and restful-ish (click here for my thoughts from last year on being a parent of three young kids during school vacations). In related news, I'm actually very happy to be back at work. Hope my kids and yours feel similarly about their first day of school in 2012.

I was yet more pleased to read "The Central Falls Success," an op-ed in today's New York Times by Joe Nocera on the great work that The Learning Community is doing in Central Falls. When I, and many others, talk about the need for all kinds of schools (charter, public, independent) to identify challenges in our communities and develop collaborative solutions and ongoing partnerships, THIS is what we're talking about. Kudos to The Learning Community for wider recognition!

And for those of you with names at the start of the alphabet and kids heading toward kindergarten, today's your day! Providence Public Schools kindergarten registration starts today and runs through February 10. Click here for a past Providence Schools and Beyond post on this year's kindergarten registration and visit the district's registration web page here.

PPSD's site also tells us that there's a gathering planned for 1/5. 6:30pm at the Student Registration Center at 325 Ocean Street for incoming kindergarten families - click here for the flier in English and Spanish. The district held a couple other such meetings at the end of last year as well; having informational meetings to help parents get up to speed on the registration process is a new and very welcome thing for PPSD. I am wishing all the best to everyone involved in the process this year.


  1. Hi Jill. I live across the street from MLK elementary and will be registering my 4 year old next Friday for Kindergarten there.
    Do you know if MLK always ends up in the public lottery? I could not imagine busing my child to a different district when we live across the street from the school.
    Also do I have to have to list a second choice?

  2. Hi Heidee! So sorry for not answering this question earlier. I hope that registration went well and that you got your question answered. For people who are in MLK's 1 mile radius neighborhood, which you obviously are, there has not been a lottery in the past. You are registering your child on time, so if what has happened in the past is a good guide, you should have no problem. There has been in the past and probably will be this year a lottery for students who are outside MLK's 1-mile radius.

    I am wondering: did you list a second choice (you do not have to)? And how was your experience at registration?