Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MLK Elementary tours!

As I mentioned in the previous post, along with other family members, students, and staff members, I'll be giving tours of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School at 35 Camp Street in Providence during the coming weeks. Please come and see the school in preparation for kindergarten enrollment, which is happening between 1/3/12 and 2/10/12. Visit http://www.providenceschools.org/inside-ppsd/registration for more information about registering your child for kindergarten (and other grades).

We welcome you on a tour if you're curious about the school for a child in any grade or in preparation for school for your little kids in years to come. Click on the image for a larger version of the flier, and please share this info.

The tours of King are happening as follows:

(tomorrow!) Wednesday 12/7, 5:00pm
Friday 12/9, 11:00am
Friday, 12/16, 11:00am
Friday, 1/6, 11:00am
Friday, 1/20, 11:00am
Friday, 1/27, 11:00am
Friday, 2/3, 11:00am

With the exception of tomorrow evening's tour, all tours are led by fifth grade students with support form parents and include a meeting with school principal Derrick Ciesla. Please contact MLK Elementary at 456-9398 to sign up for a tour.

If any readers know of PPSD elementary school tours happening at other schools, I'd love to share that info here - let me know! Thanks.


  1. The response I got at three of the four schools I contacted was "You want to what?"

  2. I think that Open Schools Week took a lot of people by surprise. It's now because Kindergarten reg was moved earlier in the year, which is great, but I think that the intradistrict communication about it was not so great.

  3. Hopefully the equally earlier registration will make it easier for my daughter to get into the school we choose.