Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School Guide from KidoInfo

Thank you, Kidoinfo,com, for compiling your school-related information into a school guide. It's a really great way to get your head back into the game. And the game is gong to start soon - Providence Public School's first day is Tuesday, August 30.

My kids go to day camp for most of the summer, unless we're all off for vacation together or one or another child is visiting relatives, so most of the time, our summer routine isn't dramatically different from the school routine. But it's definitely more chill - no homework, no jackets (not to mention gloves/hats/boots), no "do you have that items you need for that thing you are doing afterschool" discussions. The start time is the same for my elementary-age kids but my middle school son will have to get the party started an hour earlier.

And it's summer, with all of the conditions that pertain thereunto. It's light out later, dinner has drifted later, we're just all more laid back. So yes, I definitely feel like I need to get my head back into school mode within the next few weeks. Those of you who are searching for info about back to school, first day of kindergarten, talking with your kids about what's happening at schools, etc. (and I know from the site statistics that many of you are searching for that info) will find the's school resources to be a big help.

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