Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Providence Parks and Recreation Department summer sports programs for kids

As my own kids remind me as frequently as possible, just 9 days of school left! My fifth grader has calculated that amount to the hour, minute, and second, exclusive of lunch, recess, and gym, which in his judgment "don't count." It's a thoughtful calculation, executed with confidence and accuracy. PPSD's mathematics curriculum and pedagogy in action!

Onto summer! Information about Providence Parks and Recreation Department's summer sports programs for kids can be found here, and you can click on the flier to the left for program info. The youth sports programs are free, with free lunch provided, and most are available for kids age 9-12. 

In a future post, I'll pull together information about other low- or no-cost summer options. If anyone has already compiled or knows of such a list, please give me a heads up.

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  1. So useful! Thank you! I hope there are programs like that for my 15-year-old.