Friday, May 20, 2011

College Unbound Open House, Monday May 23

College Unbound @ Roger Williams University is holding an information session (with pizza!) for prospective students, particularly adult learners, on Monday, May 23 at the Met School, 325 Public Street in Providence. Though it’s outside the scope of the usual for this blog, I’m posting this here to help spread the word about this unique opportunity to be a part of the College Unbound program.

College Unbound offers students an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree through a personalized interest-based learning in intensive internships and classroom settings. College Unbound @ Roger Williams is open to students with full- or part-time jobs, and students who want to change careers or are looking for a job. Until now, College Unbound has served traditionally aged college students and is expanding to serve adult learners.

Please email or call Tara at or 401-752-2640 with any questions and to RSVP.

I hope that any readers who know people who might benefit from the opportunity to earn a degree that ties together study with real-world learning will share this information. For that matter, if you know any recent or soon-to-be high school graduates for whom College Unbound would be a good option, please spread the word.

I’m an active supporter of College Unbound because I believe in the power of personalized, experiential education for all learners. I’m currently working as a mentor for a current College Unbound student, Ms. Andrea Ridges. Andrea is collaborating with me in various ways in my professional work (the work that I’m paid for, rather than this and other labors of love) as Managing Director of the Coalition of Essential Schools and consultant to RhodeIsland After School Plus Alliance. Andrea is working with me to coordinate youth involvement at Fall Forum, the Coalition of Essential Schools’ annual conference that is happening this year in Providence on November 10-12! Mark your calendars, and I’ll be posting more about Fall Forum in the coming weeks and months.

Andrea’s experience as a youth organizer, and of course as a very recent high school student, from her hometown of Detroit adds tremendous and valuable energy and experience to my work. She’s learning about her area of interest and passion, education policy, through her work with me, and getting very relevant work experience. Her learning is grounded in the experience of local communities and a national network of progressive schools, and she’s making a real contribution to the work that we’re doing.

If you're interested in being a professional mentor too, feel free to contact me and I'll connect you to the people who can make that happen. If you're interested in being a professional mentor too, feel free to contact me and I'll connect you to the people who can make that happen. This seems to have turned into a pitch for College Unbound. Feel free to take it that way, and thanks for helping to spread the word, both about Monday's open house and the program itself.

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