Monday, April 4, 2011

The sunnier side of the street

MLK Elementary's NECAP celebration, October 2010
I'm starting a feature on Providence Schools and Beyond spotlighting the triumphs of Providence Public Schools students and educators. The triumphs, victories, celebration can be huge or tiny. If I don't post something every day, it's only because I haven't spread the word well enough, because I know for sure there is something to celebrate every single day.

Amid obstacles, bad news, setbacks, and challenges we're facing this spring, excellent teaching and learning continues. Students achieve and thrive. Teachers experience professional breakthroughs and honors. We have so much to celebrate, and because by nature I tend to hang out on the sunny side of the street, I am eager to share good news. I'm not doing so to bury my head in the sand or suggest that you do the same, but given the limited space and time that media devotes to education and the frighteningly flashy train-wreck quality of recent Providence (and beyond) education news, we're not hearing enough about the events worth celebrating in the lives of students, teachers, classrooms, and schools.

So please help spread the word. If there's something happening in your school community that you think needs to be shared widely, tell all of the usual media sources of course, and if you have an extra few seconds, let me know too, and I'll share the news here. I'm @dazzlingbetty on Twitter. Find me there or email me at jill.davidson-at-gmail-dot-com.

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