Sunday, April 24, 2011

School Board vote on school closures will happen on 4/28.

Kathy Crain, PPSD School Board President, has shared via Facebook that the school board vote on school closures will happen on Thursday, 4/28. Tomorrow's 6:30pm school board meeting at PCTA includes a presentation on the school closures. I appreciate knowing that and am happy to share the info, though I wish that the district would do the same. The date of the vote should be front and center on PPSD's website. Not that there wasn't some communication about the meeting: last week, we and presumably all other PPSD families and staff members received three robocalls (actual robocalls! with a freaky robotic voice, as opposed to the usual recorded human voice) about the 4/25 meeting - just that there will be an "important meeting," though not any specific mention of the vote.

This article on Bridgham Middle School that ran in today's ProJo still has the vote happening tomorrow - no correction online, and no follow up story about the delayed vote.

At this rate, barring an effective effort tomorrow to get the word out, it's reasonable to expect that many people are going to show up at PCTA tomorrow expecting a vote.


Update! Thanks to additional Google research, I happily stand corrected about the lack of reporting on the School Board school closure vote delay in any mainstream media outlets. On Thursday night, April 21, ABC Channel 6 local news' 11pm newscast reported the City Council's vote to delay the School Board's school closure vote pending further investigation on the part of the School Board and a conversation between the board president and City Council members. Video from here.


  1. Any idea about time and place for the vote on Thursday?


  2. Hi Brian. Right now, I don't know. Will share any info when I find out - and if you find out first, come here and let us know! Nothing posted on the school board's web site yet.

  3. As you probably know by now, here it is from the PPSD website:

    "The Providence School Board will vote on proposed school closures at a Special Meeting to be held Thursday, April 28 at 6:30 at the Providence Career and Technical Academy.

  4. ...and now that's been deleted. Apparently though that's what's expected, the board hasn't voted to reschedule the date. They've only voted to postpone it. So the link that had that info,, no longer list the Thursday date. More will become clear tonight (or so we hope).