Saturday, March 5, 2011

TEDxNYED today - check it out

Evidence suggests that you're already: 1. online and 2. thinking about education. Perfect timing! Head directly to the TEDxNYED live stream. TEDxNYED's purpose is in its name - it's a TED-like conference on education that's happening right now in New York City.

Here's the schedule, and here's the local angle: Dennis Littky, co-director of Providence's Big Picture Learning and co-founder of the Met School and College Unbound, will be speaking at the end of the 11:40 session. Dennis is a great pre-lunch choice, assuring that everyone will be carrying his energy and wisdom into their lunchtime conversations. Gary Stager is also in that session, so tune in at the start to catch Gary--who has been using his online presence to do some powerful truth-telling--in action.

Lots of other great speakers too, some of whom I know and some of whom I wish I did. I l look forward to connecting with their ideas when the TEDxNYED presentations are archived and online. Though I'm here in computerland now, I won't be soon, though I do hope to peek in now and again. It's a regular Saturday for me - getting the guys to basketball practice, farmers' market, laundry (yay! still catching up after the dryer fire), birthday party, and generally catching up with my kids after a crazy week.

In 2010, I attended the first TEDxNYED. The presentations inspired and connected me to great ideas, and the contacts and friends I made there have been lasting and powerful. I hope that this year is the same for those who are there--enjoy, and I hope I can be back soon.

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