Friday, March 25, 2011

Preview of "Triangle" and discussion at Hope High School tonight, 7:00pm

Tonight, the Hope High School Theater Company will offer a free preview performance of Laurie Brook's Triangle, a play focused on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire disaster and its parallels to current-day immigrants' issues. Hope theater teacher Christine Auxier and her student performers chose today for the preview because it's the 100th anniversary of the fire. A discussion with the actors and Hope high school faculty will follow the half-hour preview performance.

The Triangle preview will take place at Hope High School, 342 Hope Street in Providence, 7:00pm tonight.

The Hope High School Theater Company will perform Triangle in Edinburgh, Scotland this summer at the American High School Theater Festival, which takes place in conjunction with the city's renowned Fringe Festival. The American High School Theater Festival showcases the best of high school theater in the United States - it's a highly competitive, tremendous undertaking. Hope is a repeat visitor to the Festival, having performed there previously in 2000 and 2004. This video prominently features Hope High School's performers from their trip in 2000, and conveys a vivid sense of the festival's thrill and rigor.

Attend tonight's performance and discussion to learn more both about the Triangle fire and its parallels to today and to connect with this extraordinarily focused and talented group of young people at Hope High School. I'll be sharing more here in the coming weeks about how to support the Hope High School Theater Company as they make their final preparations to travel to Scotland in August - and if you don't want to wait, feel free to contact the company's director Christine Auxier by email to offer your support.


  1. Go, Hope! How thrilling for them. This ancient Classical grad cheers them on! Today I'll be attending some of the Triangle events in NYC, as I do every year, and I'm so glad Hope will help educate people about this workplace disaster. The Triangle Fire is proof we still need a strong labor movement to protect our most vulnerable, poorest workers.

  2. I thought of you immediately, Marjorie, when I was at Hope yesterday learning about the performance. The parallels to our world today - immigration, workers rights - really are potent.