Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Providence Children's Film Festival - coming soon!

Image from Providence Children's Film Festival entry "Summer Wars"
Featuring children's films and related workshops, the Providence Children's Film Festival will take place February 17-22.

The variety of films for different age groups and interests is extensive; check out the offering and take advantage of this event happening here in Providence. And tell me all about it, please. We are out of town* for nearly the whole festival, which is bumming me out as I'd love to take the kids and be a part of this energy and focus on film making, imagination, art, and storytelling.

* For any one who is reading this for tips on empty houses to rob: first of all, good for you for reading a blog on education! I commend you. Secondly, not all of us will be out of town; sorry to disappoint. Thirdly, we may have one or more of the following deterrents in force: guard dog, attack cat, a frighteningly loud alarm system, an ice moat, cauldrons of boiling oil ready to stop invaders in their tracks, and interior trip wires that will release poison arrows. Do not say you where not warned.

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