Thursday, January 22, 2009

Young Voices Survey + Upcoming Education Forums

I am aiming for every day posts here and realize that to do that, some days like today I need to be brief despite wanting to spend time and words and your attention in the details. So, to be brief, please to read this article about Young Voices' press conference yesterday in which they presented the results of a survey they've done about the state of education in Providence. Powerful work! It's so important to have clear evidence from the perspective of young people presented with strength and conviction about what's not working well about our schools, followed up by initiative for change.

I'm delighted and energized to see youth leadership here, and plan to attend to Young Voices' Youth-led Education Forums on Providence Schools that are scheduled to take place on Jan 27th (4:30-7) and Feb 10th (4:30-7) at the Cooley High School Cafeteria, 182 Thurbers Avenue. Their announcement says, "Everyone who has a stake in Providence schools (students, parents, teachers, community organizations, and school dept leaders) will gather for 2 Forums, out of which an actionable, 3-year plan will be created and implemented. In the 1st Forum (on Jan 27th), we will identify 3 Action Areas, and in the 2nd Forum (Feb 10th), we will identify Action Steps which make an impact in each of those areas. Then, a cross-sector Education Action Team will follow through on the Action Plan. Come partner with powerful, skilled, and passionate young people who have been working on systemic education reform for more than a year. The time is now, and your presence is critical. Please join us and more than 150 other adults and young people to move from discussion to action with real outcomes. We all need to work together, collaboratively, to bring about the change we desire. Please RSVP to Karen Feldman at

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