Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Statewide finance views from rifuture.org

This blog entry is a learning out loud effort, sparked by two finance-related state education posts on rifuture.org yesterday.

"Creating our own problems" is about reduced (and reallocated) statewide education spending. I caught it just now when I went there to grab this one, "Will our lack of a education funding formula hurt our chances for stimulus dollars?" Anything to raise the stakes on this issue is useful, and the observation in the post that yes, the lack of a statewide funding formula clearly makes us less accountable and therefore possibly less likely to get those federal stimulus dollars resonates with me.

RI is the only state without such a formula. Hence, there are 49 models out there. Question to explore here: which state have an equitable education funding formula that resembles and exemplifies what would work best here? Quite a different question from: which state has a formula that is likely to be the most mutually acceptable, the least unpalatable, and therefore likely to pass here?

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